Downton Abbey

S03E07 Episode #3.7


Downton Abbey S03E07 Episode #3.7 (20.09.2013)
Hugh Bonneville, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter
iMDB Rating8.3 / 10


Thomas fears for his job as Robert's valet and not just because John has been released back to Downton Abbey, to the delight of everybody else. The vengeful O'Brien, attempting to advance Alfred in the household, has tricked him into believing that his feelings for Jimmy are reciprocated, leading him to make a disastrous play for the shocked footman. And O'Brien makes sure that Carson finds out. Robert is doubly annoyed. Edith has decided to go to London and accept the journalist post, where she is charmed by magazine editor Gregson. Furthermore Matthew is insisting the estate be overhauled with new machinery, to make it self-sufficient. Tom's brother Kieran arrives from Liverpool for the christening and does not endear himself to the family. However, when the old estate manager resigns in protest at Matthew's proposals Cora suggests Tom, who has farming knowledge, take on the job rather than return with Kieran to work in his garage. Isobel is angry with Violet who, claiming to act in...

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Downton Abbey S03E07 Episode #3.7 (20.09.2013)