Downton Abbey

S03E08 Episode #3.8


Downton Abbey S03E08 Episode #3.8 (20.09.2013)
Hugh Bonneville, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter
iMDB Rating8.4 / 10


Carson promises Thomas that if he resigns, citing John's return as the reason, he will give him a good reference. However, O'Brien persuades Jimmy to tell the butler that he will call the police unless the reference is withdrawn. Violet's great-niece Rose comes to stay, apparently bored with London, though she is keen to accompany Edith to town for a day, staying with Rosamund. However, she gives them the slip to go to a club with her married boyfriend who was the reason her mother sent her to Violet, and, along with Matthew, they lean on her to return.

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Downton Abbey S03E08 Episode #3.8 (20.09.2013)