S01E04 Against All Odds


Motive S01E04 Against All Odds (25.10.2013)
Kristin Lehman, Louis Ferreira, Brendan Penny
iMDB Rating7.9 / 10


The killer: Sarah Muller, a grocery store clerk who is going through a messy divorce and custody battle. The victim: Shawn Mitchell, a high powered lawyer, who was killed by a single stab wound to the abdomen in a late night break-in into his house. On the surface, the crime looks like a robbery gone bad, although the only thing that was stolen among a houseful of expensive items was a purse with a few dollars and a cell phone. As the Homicide detectives focus their investigation on people like Shawn's wife, Deana Mitchell, and Shawn's clients, especially the disgruntled ones like Jack Carlin, who have motive, they may not find the killer unless they focus on a mother who is barely making ends meet, who will do almost anything to retain custody of her daughter except accept help from her soon to be ex-husband, and who believes she can use her position at the store to get herself out of her financial predicament. Angie becomes distracted on this case by a personal issue, namely the ...

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Motive S01E04 Against All Odds (25.10.2013)