S01E05 Public Enemy


Motive S01E05 Public Enemy (25.10.2013)
Kristin Lehman, Louis Ferreira, Brendan Penny
iMDB Rating8.0 / 10


The killer: Chloe Mighten, a clothing store clerk. The victim: Jack Bergin, a raw food advocate, who was trying to build a business empire off of his food advocacy. He is treated like a rock star by many of his followers not only because of his beliefs but also because of his charisma and good looks. He was killed while sitting in the hot tub inside his home, the perpetrator, who broke in through a basement window, using a stun gun which electrocuted him. Nothing obvious was missing from the house, but the Homicide detectives know that whoever the killer was looking for something. In actuality, Chloe gained entry into the house as she befriended Jack's lonely wife, Lila Bergin, which was all a plan to get at Jack. But as Chloe did not find what she was looking for, she plays a fine line of searching through the house at other times when she believes Lila is not watching. Finding that item may be key not only for Chloe but for the Homicide detectives in discovering the killer and his/...

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Motive S01E05 Public Enemy (25.10.2013)