The Americans

S01E06 Trust Me


The Americans S01E06 Trust Me (06.03.2013)
Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Maximiliano Hernández
iMDB Rating8.8 / 10


Stan Beeman's unwilling, dead-scared mole's activity doesn't go unnoticed. Claudia even has the Jennings couple kidnapped and tortured to test their loyalty, an insult Philip won't leave unpunished, nor his wife's priority being country over family. Rezident Vasili Nikolaevich himself becomes prime suspect, rather then his lover, the real mole. Left at their own devices to get home from school, Paige makes smarter Henry accept a lift from a friendly, flirtatious unemployed creep, but the boy saves the day.

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The Americans S01E06 Trust Me (06.03.2013)