The Americans

S01E07 Duty and Honor


The Americans S01E07 Duty and Honor (13.03.2013)
Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Maximiliano Hernández
iMDB Rating8.1 / 10


New York welcomes defected Polish freedom movement leader Andrzej Bielawski, who is to head a 'democratic government in exile'. The spies couple, despite their mutual frustration and disgust over abuse from their KGB superiors, does their best to discredit Bielawski, who also claims a clerical calling but enjoys the good Western life too much. Philip sets a trap with his old flame Irena, who surprisingly tells him to have a college age son, but never told him to be the father so he wouldn't break off his spy training. Beeman's guilty conscience about the poorly protected Soviet embassy mole doesn't carry much weight.

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The Americans S01E07 Duty and Honor (13.03.2013)