S01E14 Dear Brother


Nashville S01E14 Dear Brother (27.02.2013)
Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Clare Bowen
iMDB Rating7.4 / 10


Deacon hates parties and watches Old Yeller every birthday, so naturally Juliette plans a surprise party for him. Rayna tells Teddy their daughter knows about Peggy, and Rayna will not cover for him like she did with the press. Despite filing in another county, the divorce is all over the tabloids and the paparazzi are all over Rayna and her girls. A crisis manager tells Rayna not to be seen in public with any man but her dad, but Rayna defiantly has Watty take her to Deacon's party. Rayna wrote a special song and Juliette says cattily that she's going to sing for Deacon, only she has to leave when her mother gets drunk. Teddy appoints Coleman as Deputy Mayor, infuriating Rayna's dad Lamar. Avery is in the studio and tells Dominic the music isn't right, but doesn't realize Dominic's responses are recorded. . . he isn't even there. Gunnar finds a gun in his brother's bag and Scarlett hits the roof. Scarlett gets Deacon to the party (attended by music celebs) on the pretext of finally ...

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Nashville S01E14 Dear Brother (27.02.2013)