S01E16 I Saw the Light


Nashville S01E16 I Saw the Light (03.04.2013)
Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Clare Bowen
iMDB Rating7.5 / 10


Everyone is in New York for the concert. Maddie tells Rayna she wants to be a singer and Rayna's not happy. Juliette invites Daphne and Maddie to party with her after the show, but Rayna says no. Juliette asks her mother's therapist (Dante) for business advice and lands a multi-million dollar deal with a company. Juliette and Dante sleep together. Avery loses his publishing contract and gets a job as a roadie for Juliette's band. Stacy asks Deacon if he is trying to sabotage them by bringing her on tour with two of his ex-girlfriends. Scarlett's new upstairs neighbor, Will, is a singer who got Scarlett's mail with her contract "by mistake". Scarlett says she's not signing the contract and Gunnar tells her Avery was the jealous one who couldn't take her success, sign. Lamar finds out Peggy leaked the story about Teddy and Rayna's divorce and blackmails her into changing Teddy's mind about the stadium. Lamar collapses at home.

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Nashville S01E16 I Saw the Light (03.04.2013)