S01E17 My Heart Would Know


Nashville S01E17 My Heart Would Know (10.04.2013)
Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Clare Bowen
iMDB Rating7.3 / 10


Juliette and Dante are still in bed when Rayna knocks on the door to say she has to go back to Nashville for a family emergency, and may have to cancel that night. Later Avery is searching for equipment, sees Dante in bed with Juliette, and Dante fires him. Deacon gives Stacy a key to his place and plans to quit the road, then hears about Lamar. Deacon challenges Juliette about Dante and she storms off. Deacon confronts Dante and says until he hears from Juliette, Dante can't fire Avery. Jolene accuses Juliette of stealing Dante from her and realizes they're sleeping together. At the hospital, Rayna and her sister see Lamar who is less than appreciative. Watty comes to the hospital, Lamar has a fit and ends up in surgery. Rayna realizes Watty is the musician her mother was seeing, and hears her mother was leaving Lamar the night she died. Tandy finds the connection between Lamar and Peggy. Scarlett tells Gunnar he's still having nightmares. She wants Gunnar to write with her, but he ...

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Nashville S01E17 My Heart Would Know (10.04.2013)