Downton Abbey

S04E02 Episode #4.2


Downton Abbey S04E02 Episode #4.2 (29.09.2013)
Hugh Bonneville, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter
iMDB Rating8.0 / 10


Mary receives a letter from Matthew's effects, naming her as his sole heir and therefore the owner of half the estate. Encouraged by Violet, she agrees to shadow Tom and learn more about the running of Downton and its surrounding properties. Edna makes an inauspicious start as Cora's maid but soon forms an alliance with Thomas to discredit Anna. Anna herself accompanies Rose to a tea-dance in York for servants, where Rose, pretending to be a maid, attracts gardener Sam Thawley but also provokes a fight so that a hurried exit is required as the police arrive. Later, Sam turns up at Downton Abbey. Isobel learns that Carson fell out with Charlie Grigg many years earlier over a love triangle.

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Downton Abbey S04E02 Episode #4.2 (29.09.2013)