Downton Abbey

S04E06 Episode #4.6


Downton Abbey S04E06 Episode #4.6 (27.10.2013)
Hugh Bonneville, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter
iMDB Rating8.2 / 10


Robert is perturbed when Mary and Tom suggest intensive pig-farming on his land and Evelyn returns with his superior Charles Blake, to assess the viability of estates such as Downton. Blake does not impress Mary but both men are invited to stay for Robert's birthday party, for which Rose has engaged Jack Ross and his band. Rose's involvement with Ross would seem to go beyond the professional. At the party Isobel dissuades Tom from emigrating to America with his daughter and later she proves to Violet that young Pegg was not a thief, being surprised by the dowager's open-mindedness in reinstating him. Alfred receives good news - he has been accepted at the Ritz after all and Molesley is quick to step into his role but Edith is still concerned as Michael seems to have gone missing in Germany.

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Downton Abbey S04E06 Episode #4.6 (27.10.2013)