The Mentalist

S05E19 Red Letter Day


The Mentalist S05E19 Red Letter Day (14.04.2013)
Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Tim Kang
iMDB Rating7.7 / 10


Hollis Percy, hereditary sole owner of the former gold rush town Percy, was murdered at home. Under his conservative management, the town headed for bankruptcy, which would cost many jobs, notably in Francisco Navarro's wild west show. Sheriff Emmett Cook claims to be more preoccupied with meth lab fires, but actually staged those, being aware of a mall project which will multiply real estate prices. Hollis also had private troubles with his wife Joanna and recently released prodigal son Ian. Meanwhile Homeland Security agent Kirkland's men intrude Patrick's home to copy his clipboard on Red John. Wayne hopes to win Grace back but is presented to her new beau, Duncan.

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The Mentalist S05E19 Red Letter Day (14.04.2013)