Criminal Minds

S08E22 #6


Criminal Minds S08E22 #6 (15.05.2013)
Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler
iMDB Rating6.6 / 10


Before the BAU heads off on their next case, Blake receives a surprise visit from her husband, Dr. James Blake, who was supposed to be on a his latest stint overseas with Doctors Without Borders, that stint which was supposed to be ten months in length. She eventually learns why he has made this visit home early, that reason which makes her contemplate her future with the BAU. That next case takes the team to Detroit, Michigan, where two sets of couples, in separate incidents, were found dead in the trunks of their respective vehicles. Each victim had multiple superficial stab wounds in their abdominal area, and one final fatal stab being the last wound inflicted. They also learn that the unsub kept each couple for a week before they were murdered. They also eventually surmise that the couples were abducted in some fashion using their cars, as the unsub was able to dismantle the GPS history to hide his/her tracks. Hotch goes to extreme lengths to uncover those vehicle travel histories...

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Criminal Minds S08E22 #6 (15.05.2013)