Teen Wolf

S03E07 Currents


Teen Wolf S03E07 Currents (15.07.2013)
Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O'Brien
iMDB Rating9.0 / 10


*Stiles wants to inform his poor father, whose sheriff record is ever-lore tainted by unsolved murder cases, but decides against the risk just when Scott considers allowing him. Tirelessly, Stiles tries truth-saying methods to tap into skeptic Lydia's talents but ultimately finds a clue at badly wounded Danny's sickbed that the mystery murders are linked with earth energy lines. After Allison searches her father's room with Scott, showing him maps suggesting he knows the crime and dump sites in advance, Scott realizes the pattern. Veterinarian druid Alan Deaton is kidnapped by Deucalion's alpha-pack. Derek's' pack tries setting a wet electric trap, but is outsmarted by Kali, who even abducted his teacher protege-admirer Jennifer Blake. When Scott finds Deaton, they are stunned by his red-eyed alpha powers acquisition, a centennial rarity.

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Teen Wolf S03E07 Currents (15.07.2013)