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Teen Wolf

S03E04 Unleashed


Teen Wolf S03E04 Unleashed (24.06.2013)
Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O'Brien
iMDB Rating8.7 / 10


Given the atypical killing methods, Stiles and Scott develop a theory it's not werewolf work, and end up consulting the vet about another, even scarier danger. Meanwhile the twins, in their class, taunt the buddies and demonstrate Deucalion's scary total hold on them but are outclassed in cunning vengeance. Derek is reunited with sister Cora but dragged to Deucalion's lair and spiked yet refuses to join his Alphas pack and 'taste' the absorption of power by eliminating an Alpha's underlings.

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Teen Wolf S03E04 Unleashed (24.06.2013)