Teen Wolf

S03E06 Motel California


Teen Wolf S03E06 Motel California (08.07.2013)
Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O'Brien
iMDB Rating9.3 / 10


Stranded on the way to an out-game across the state, the lacrosse team checks into the depressing-crappy motel with the Californian suicides record. In room after room, boys are confronted with their deepest desires -including Ethan's gay side in Danny's bed- and nightmares, inducing some suicidal mindsets. Stiles and Lydia examine a long list of suspects as new serial killer while desperately trying to prevent suicide deaths, ultimately working out the unsuspected cause, with an unexpected bonus. Meanwhile Derek reluctantly lets enamored teacher Jennifer nurse his black wounds, warning anyone bonding with him seems doomed, and Chris Argent consults disabled but alive grandpa Gerard about the lurking evil.

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Teen Wolf S03E06 Motel California (08.07.2013)