Teen Wolf

S03E08 Visionary


Teen Wolf S03E08 Visionary (22.07.2013)
Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O'Brien
iMDB Rating8.8 / 10


Scott, Stiles, Isaac, Cora and Allison finally get stunning answers told in two sessions by Gerard Argent and Peter Hale, about the part of (dark) druids as guiding 'emissaries' -like Deaton for Scott- in the rise of 'lycanthropy' (werewolves) in the age of the Ancient gods and alpha-perversion viz. about the traumatic first love of Derek causing his dark side. Both narrators however give things their own twist, but Scott, coming to terms with his special powers, senses the lies.

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Teen Wolf S03E08 Visionary (22.07.2013)