S01E11 Out with the In-Crowd


Twisted S01E11 Out with the In-Crowd (27.08.2013)
Kylie Bunbury, Maddie Hasson, Avan Jogia
iMDB Rating8.8 / 10


Danny, Jo and Lacey are holding up in different ways after the mass release of the sex video between Danny and Lacey: Danny is worried about his future and relationships to his friends; Jo doesn't want to talk to anyone and least of all Danny and Lacey; and Lacey is bullied by everyone at school, including her friends. Can they repair the friendship? Meanwhile, the special investigator keeps breathing down Chief Masterson's neck because she still believes Danny is guilty in the murder case, and decides to search the pond where the necklace was found again. But many shocking revealings are about to scratch the surface, completely turning the situation around.

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Twisted S01E11 Out with the In-Crowd (27.08.2013)