Teen Wolf

S03E10 The Overlooked


Teen Wolf S03E10 The Overlooked (05.08.2013)
Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O'Brien
iMDB Rating9.2 / 10


With sheriff Stilinski missing and Cora badly wounded, Scott, Peter, Dillon and Derek are trapped in hospital by a terrible storm. They must fight off Kali and Deucalion's pack and defend Scott's ma, who must ultimately join the fight but also becomes the ultimate key to blackmail-subduing Scott. The twins realize that doing Deucalion's bidding will ultimately see themselves killed, yet remain unable to resist him. Jennifer admits her true identity as 'emissary', yet seeks to convince Derek to team up, explaining how she became what she is and promises to be the best bet against Deucalion.

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Teen Wolf S03E10 The Overlooked (05.08.2013)