Rizzoli & Isles

S04E14 Just Push Play


Rizzoli & Isles S04E14 Just Push Play (04.03.2014)
Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander, Brian Goodman
iMDB Rating7.5 / 10


The team investigates the murder of Natasha Osmanski, a young musician who was found stabbed in the ladies room at a bar where she had just performed. Her parents confirm that their daughter was a brilliant musician but also say she was very shy and would certainly not play guitar and sing in a bar. Frost finds a Youtube video of her busking in the subway so the evidence isn't adding up. Maura finds marshmallow root in her system which leads the police to her killer. Elsewhere, things are not going so well on the home front when Jane's father Frank suddenly reappears with news that he may be dying.

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Rizzoli & Isles S04E14 Just Push Play (04.03.2014)