Teen Wolf

S03E15 Galvanize


Teen Wolf S03E15 Galvanize (20.01.2014)
Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O'Brien
iMDB Rating9.1 / 10


Lost without a pack, the twins decide to return to high-school. Scott enlists their help when psychotic killer Barrow, who bombed a school bus, was wounded life-threatening and told Scott's ma to be motivated by kids with glowing eyes, escapes after a tumor in his stomach bursts, releasing many flies. Derek shows Peter the painful only way to use the magical devise to contact his late wolf mother. While Isaac and Allison finally agree to get physical 'except kissing', ultimate Alpha Scott eagerly accepts the dinner invitation at his teacher's home for saving Kira from the were-coyote, and graciously gets trough his hot first sushi experience. Afterwards, he's knocked down, she abducted to a power Plant.

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Teen Wolf S03E15 Galvanize (20.01.2014)