NCIS: Los Angeles

S05E06 Big Brother


NCIS: Los Angeles S05E06 Big Brother (29.10.2013)
Chris O'Donnell, Daniela Ruah, Eric Christian Olsen
iMDB Rating7.7 / 10


A joint task force (involving the CIA, FBI, and NCIS) raid a meeting in a house in an attempt to capture members of the Molina drug cartel and the Al Qaeda; however, they walk into an ambush; the new SecNav, suspecting a mole or other leak, directs the Callen team to investigate and correct; at the boatshed Kensi and Deeks interview four participants in the raid; Eric determines that the problem is not a mole but rather a hacker, which, Hetty says, is even worse; on the cellphones of two agents Eric discovers the hacker's malware, which allowed the hacker to intercept all calls, both incoming and outgoing; in an alley the foursome grab the hacker (Cindy, a 15-year-old girl) and her laptop computer; G suddenly becomes a substitute teacher, then he finds the track coach wearing a belt as a necklace; Eric finds a link and the man responsible; the gang figure out everything; with Cindy's help the team grab the bad guy who misused Cindy and her activities.

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NCIS: Los Angeles S05E06 Big Brother (29.10.2013)