Bob's Burgers

S04E03 Seaplane!


Bob's Burgers S04E03 Seaplane! (03.11.2013)
H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman
iMDB Rating7.8 / 10


Linda and Bob have a fight about how he half-asses Date Night. Linda signs up for Couples' Flying Lessons but Bob refuses to leave the ground and Linda goes alone. Fischoeder comes to the restaurant, sees the flying brochure and pours oil on Bob's troubled waters. The seaplane pilot, who is nicknamed "Upskirt Kurt," flies all of the bored housewives in his 1968 Sweetnam Eagle, Shoshona, and crash-lands on the infamous Quippiquisset or "Quicky Kiss It" Island. Tina marvels an entire island exists just for the purpose of kissing. Bob and the kids rush to find Linda.... before the Captain can be cleared for landing.

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Bob's Burgers S04E03 Seaplane! (03.11.2013)