Criminal Minds

S09E14 200


Criminal Minds S09E14 200 (05.02.2014)
Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler
iMDB Rating7.0 / 10


Will arrives at the BAU office with news that JJ has gone missing. On JJ's directive if she ever did go missing, Will has come to inform Mat, who would "know what to do" as the two are still working on a top secret case from their joint State Department days. This news surprises the rest of the team, as they had no idea JJ and Mat even knew each other prior to him being appointed Section Chief. However, they all discover that Mat is also missing, which they fear the worst for both JJ and Mat. Hotch is able to find out some basic information about what JJ and Mat were working on - that is was an Afghanistan based mission in trying to locate Osama bin Laden - but the BAU is told by the State Department not only to mind their own business as their disappearances are a State Department matter, but that they are to cease any work in trying to find either JJ or Mat or face the consequences if they do. The team ignores this directive, but they know that they have to work clandestinely to ...

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Criminal Minds S09E14 200 (05.02.2014)