Teen Wolf

S03E14 More Bad Than Good


Teen Wolf S03E14 More Bad Than Good (13.01.2014)
Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O'Brien
iMDB Rating8.9 / 10


Examining one of sheriff Stiles's cold cases now he knows about the supernatural, Scott's gang discovers that a fatal car accident was caused by a werewolf, but Malia, the missing, supposedly killed teen daughter of Henry Tate, seems taken to the nearby cave of a were-coyote. Looking further, with some help from occult-knowledgeable Kira, daughter of new teacher Ken Yukimura, who becomes rescuer Scott's next love, they find out an even scarier, truth, which yet yields a happier end. Peter is puzzled to be tortured with Derek by the crazy Calaveras, who are after a magical devise relating to their kin.

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Teen Wolf S03E14 More Bad Than Good (13.01.2014)