Teen Wolf

S03E16 Illuminated


Teen Wolf S03E16 Illuminated (27.01.2014)
Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O'Brien
iMDB Rating9.1 / 10


The teens plans for a UV light Halloween party seem doomed by the curfew and power cut in Beacon Hills, but the gay twin decides to ingratiate himself with Danny by offering absent Derek's spooky home with generators. Kira can't believe her luck that Scott and Stiles don't ask nasty questions after witnessing her survive the electrocution and offer to help wipe from her confiscated cellphone the pictures showing her weird electric halo, to which end they must dodge Scott's FBI father. Allison's father asks 24 hours to find out if he's the target after Isaac tells Allison his nightmare about five black ninja-shaped vindictive ghosts attacking him, but they separate five supernatural party-goers one by one to have them faint while marked each with a single numeric digit, and prove invulnerable.

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Teen Wolf S03E16 Illuminated (27.01.2014)