Teen Wolf

S03E17 Silverfinger


Teen Wolf S03E17 Silverfinger (03.02.2014)
Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O'Brien
iMDB Rating9.1 / 10


The twins appoint themselves Alpha Scott's bodyguards, but he still escapes to meet Kira, who gets to see his werewolf state and reacts cool. Near collapsing after showing Scott he was instrumental instructing the serial killer by the blackboard in scientific code, but funding the evidence wipes, insomniac Stiles gets himself reassured and sedated by Scott's ma, who keeps quiet his symptoms match his mother's fatal syndrome. Chris Argent's own youth and Yakuza story, Isaac's nightmares and Kira's mythology, also touching her electrified condition, tells Scott's ghost ninja-terrorized gang they must be dealing with Nogitsune, and the only man who can inform them is surviving Yakuza Katashi, whom they try to trap, learning they only target those who aren't themselves, which means one none of them expected. FBI agent Rafael McCall is confident he can close the case against sheriff Stilinski, but gets badly hurt.

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Teen Wolf S03E17 Silverfinger (03.02.2014)