Teen Wolf

S03E19 Letharia Vulpina


Teen Wolf S03E19 Letharia Vulpina (17.02.2014)
Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O'Brien
iMDB Rating9.0 / 10


Vet druid Deatan (ab)uses the local Yakuza lord's pet dog poisoning to harvest the rare venomous moss Letharia Vulpina he needs to use on werewolves. Allison accompanies Lydia, who suffers from mystery noises, to consult Peter in the asylum, who demands in return she helps read his sister (Derek's mother)'s message from the dragon nails. The sheriff, deputy Jordan Parrish and Rafe McCall deal with bomb surprises. Kira Yukimura uses her gift to stem the new power station disaster caused by rogue Stiles and discovers her mother is up to major magic. Stiles assures Scott and Derek he's back to normal and seems to save the class during a field run, but actually tricks everybody.

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Teen Wolf S03E19 Letharia Vulpina (17.02.2014)