Teen Wolf

S03E20 Echo House


Teen Wolf S03E20 Echo House (24.02.2014)
Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O'Brien
iMDB Rating9.3 / 10


Unlike his father, Stiles finds the courage to face the diagnosis he suffers his other's fatal brain syndrome and checks into asylum Echo House for residential therapy, where he finds Malia Tate among the loony patients, who blames him for undoing her coyote state. However he gets restrained like his shady roommate and is haunted even worse by the metal-mouth Nogusine and his riddles. Meanwhile Derek and Chris choose to remain in police jail to spy on the precinct and Scott's party finds their promise to fins q cure for Stiles very dangerous, Kira's Japanese family secrets crucial.

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Teen Wolf S03E20 Echo House (24.02.2014)