Teen Wolf

S03E24 The Divine Move


Teen Wolf S03E24 The Divine Move (24.03.2014)
Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O'Brien
iMDB Rating9.3 / 10


The Nogitsune dived his ghost ninjas, sending some to attack the sheriff and remaining deputies, then Derek's party in Deaton's vet surgery, while he leads some causing a bloodbath in hospital, where Scott's father Rafe, who came to tell his ex he's leaving, saves Melissa, but the poison in the ninja)inflicted wounds is daunting. Isaac realizes and checks with Chris Argent that Allison was on the trace of a way to kill the ninja ghosts: silver arrow heads. Derek teaches the twins to win Scott's pack trust by loyalty to his cause, but doesn't wake from a nightmare facing an unexpected adversary Severo Calavera, who is after La Loba which isn't Cora.

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Teen Wolf S03E24 The Divine Move (24.03.2014)