Criminal Minds

S09E17 Persuasion


Criminal Minds S09E17 Persuasion (05.03.2014)
Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler
iMDB Rating7.0 / 10


The BAU travels to Las Vegas, Nevada, where the dead bodies of two young women, one killed in the last twenty-four hours, the other two weeks ago, are found outside the city in the desert. The M.O. seems to be the same, the most unusual similarity being that both drowned. Initial indication is that the most recent victim is a local, the longer deceased victim a tourist. They are eventually identified respectively as local waitress and former drug addict Frida Bancroft, and "strip-miner" (a person who steals left behind money and chips at casinos) Renee Sheffield. Believing the victims may have been working together as two of perhaps several grifters and a hobo code "2/10" near the bodies, the BAU comes to the conclusion that the unsub is from among that group, probably homeless, and is seeking revenge on people within the community who stole from him/her. Testing the water in which the victims drowned gives the BAU a starting point as to the geographical locale of the unsub, whose ...

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Criminal Minds S09E17 Persuasion (05.03.2014)