Bob's Burgers

S04E12 The Frond Files


Bob's Burgers S04E12 The Frond Files (09.03.2014)
H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman
iMDB Rating8.2 / 10


It is "Why I Love Wagstaff" night and each child wrote a creative composition for the school to display. But, Linda and Bob are confused: where are THEIR children's essays and why is Mr. Frond trying to hide from them? It turns out Mr. Frond thinks the Belcher kids are too creative. Louise's fantasy fiction is clearly the story to end (terminate?) all stories, strongly influenced by artiste, James Cameron. As one would expect, Gene writes a techno music "tale" with shades of Herbert Ross, but, alas, he did not name it Buttloose. Tina sticks to her best genre: erotic friend fiction (with a zombie component) a la H.P. Lovecraft. Tina's work poses a startling question for our time: Just because we CAN cure jock itch, does that automatically mean we SHOULD cure jock itch? Bob and Linda learn the real reason Mr. Frond will not display their kids' work: Art imitates life. Mr. Frond is the villain in each one of their stories!

Ver Online #S1S2

Bob's Burgers S04E12 The Frond Files (09.03.2014)