My Mad Fat Diary

S02E03 Girls


My Mad Fat Diary S02E03 Girls (03.03.2014)
Bamshad Abedi-Amin, Kirsty Armstrong, Ciara Baxendale
iMDB Rating8.1 / 10


Without Finn Rae does her best to fit in with a clique of cool, slim girls led by Stacey and, with her tastes in popular music and advice to love-lorn Lois about getting a boyfriend winning them over, she actually starts to bond with them. Only Liam has worked out her terrible secret, her refusal to eat in front of other people because of her weight problem though eventually she finds herself able to confide in Stacey about it. However this is a terrible mistake as she soon works out that Stacey surrounds herself with people who are vulnerable so that she can bitch about them and feel superior. This leads to a show-down in a pizzeria where Rae actually eats in public to prove that Stacey was lying and Stacey is exposed to the others. Rae also exposes Archie as being gay when he tries to hide the fact by dating Lois.

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My Mad Fat Diary S02E03 Girls (03.03.2014)