Bob's Burgers

S04E13 Mazel-Tina


Bob's Burgers S04E13 Mazel-Tina (16.03.2014)
H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman
iMDB Rating8.3 / 10


Tammy Larson turns into a Bat-Zilla in the planning of her Bat Mitzvah gala. Tammy invites everyone but her first friend, Tina, and she is very snotty about not inviting her. Tammy learns Shauna Glassman had 5 caterers at her Bat Mitzvah, so Tammy screams at her mother via mobile; Tina offers up the Belcher family as caterer #6. Now, Tina has her big entre to Tammy's celebration at Sunsets Hotels and to the BFOS: Boys From Other Schools. A little prank lets Louise get inside Tammy's head and gives her a way to watch the new horror unfold: the unleashing of Tin-Zilla.

Ver Online #S1S2

Bob's Burgers S04E13 Mazel-Tina (16.03.2014)