Bates Motel

S02E06 Plunge


Bates Motel S02E06 Plunge (07.04.2014)
Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot
iMDB Rating8.8 / 10


The death of councilman Lee Berman in a car accident opens up a vacancy on city council and Christine Heldens suggests Norma should replace him. Sheriff Romero suggests she avoid it. Dylan leaves the hospital and is picked up by Zane's sister, Jodi Wilson. She takes him home and gives him a room until things blow over. Norman spends the day with Cody but when her father suddenly comes home, they hide in the closet causing Norman to recall a traumatic childhood experience. When they go to the river, an incident with Emma results in Norman turning on Cody. Worried about Norman's blackouts, Cody tells Emma what's happened and she in turn tells Norma. It all leads to an angry confrontation with Cody and her father.

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Bates Motel S02E06 Plunge (07.04.2014)