S01E01 Pilot


Dig S01E01 Pilot (31.01.2016)
Jason Isaacs, Anne Heche, Ori Pfeffer
iMDB Rating7.5 / 10


Needing to get away after the death of his daughter, FBI Agent Peter Conolly has taken a job at the US Consulate in Jerusalem. He's under pressure from the US ambassador to find Yussef Khalid who fled after supposedly killing a Chicago antique dealer but the Israeli police arrest Khalid before he can get to him. Peter meets archeology student Emma Wilson working on a dig in the old city of Jerusalem. She shows him the dig they have underway beneath the ancient city but the following day, Emma is found dead. In Scandinavia, a newborn red-haired calf holds special significance for a group of rabbis. In a bunker-like facility in New Mexico, 13 year-old Josh lives out his life in seclusion - until he makes a daring escape.

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Dig S01E01 Pilot (31.01.2016)