Downton Abbey

S05E03 Episode #5.3


Downton Abbey S05E03 Episode #5.3 (05.10.2014)
Hugh Bonneville, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter
iMDB Rating8.2 / 10


Mary wakes up in bed with Tony Gillingham after their tryst and returns to Downton, where she learns that a building firm want to buy land for a housing estate, to which Robert objects. Violet discovers from her butler Spratt about Mary and Tony but covers for her before summoning her for an explanation. Mary explains to her that she plans to marry Tony but later tells Tom the truth, that she has no intention. In return he confesses that he is considering a move to America. Following the policeman's visit, Anna is perturbed that her ordeal will be revealed, particularly as the animosity between John and Green comes to light. John gives his alibi, that he spent the day in question in York, and Mrs Hughes and Mary agree to collude with this. As Barrow goes to visit his dying father, Baxter tells Cora that she was beguiled into the jewel theft by a cruel footman called Peter Coyle, whom she loved but who fled leaving her to take the blame. Tim's wife wants to bar Edith from seeing ...

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Downton Abbey S05E03 Episode #5.3 (05.10.2014)