Major Crimes

S03E04 Letting It Go


Major Crimes S03E04 Letting It Go (11.07.2016)
Mary McDonnell, G.W. Bailey, Tony Denison
iMDB Rating8.6 / 10


A man who was charged with rape (but his case thrown out) is found dead. The team decides to talk to the woman he raped, but the D.A. who prosecuted the case wants them to tread lightly. When the woman appears to have an alibi, they learn that another woman he assaulted came to L.A. for the trial and is still there. When they talk to her, she appears to be inebriated, so they have Sykes take her out for coffee. Though she confesses to killing him, they don't think she's the one. Rusty's mom asks him for something which makes him wonder if it's just her attempt to get out of rehab.

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Major Crimes S03E04 Letting It Go (11.07.2016)