Criminal Minds

S10E02 Burn


Criminal Minds S10E02 Burn (08.10.2014)
Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler
iMDB Rating6.6 / 10


Because she has been having nightmares about the aftermath of the issue, Garcia feels the need to go to Texas to speak to Greg Baylor, the man on death row who almost killed her and Reid. She needs to tell him that his death is not what she wants and that she has tried to stop it. Hotch allows her the time off to go to Texas. She finds that she is way in over her head and needs Morgan's support, but he may not be able to provide it as he does not understand or agree with what she is doing. In Garcia's absence, Lynch takes over her analyst duties in the team's next case, which takes them to Seattle, Washington, where two men have been found murdered in separate incidents. Beyond their being in the same age range, the two victims are seemingly unrelated, with dissimilar murder M.O.'s beyond their respective vehicles being found abandoned nearby, and random mutilations around the mouth. By the time the team arrives in Seattle, there is a third victim. At the M.E.'s office, Reid discovers...

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Criminal Minds S10E02 Burn (08.10.2014)