The Missing

S01E03 The Meeting


The Missing S01E03 The Meeting (21.04.2016)
Michaël Erpelding, Frances O'Connor, James Nesbitt
iMDB Rating8.2 / 10


2006:- Julien shows Tony photos of Greg Halpern, Emily's supposed lover whom he savagely beat up six years earlier though no charges were pressed. Emily feels left out and berates Mark for not doing more whilst Tony is curious as to why Ian is being so helpful. Tony breaks into Bourg's flat but finds nothing and is thrown out when Bourg returns. An undercover cop from Paris arrives with possible news for Julien but is murdered. 2014:- Julien suggests they should find residents who might have seen Oliver going into the basement . Emily arrives and is sceptical as to any result but then Julien shows Tony a video of Oliver in a house. Suri visits Ziane, who is now in prison and claims he knows what happened to Oliver, before visiting Bourg, who is having treatment for his paedophilia.

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The Missing S01E03 The Meeting (21.04.2016)