S01E07 The Symbolic Exemplar


Transparent S01E07 The Symbolic Exemplar (26.09.2014)
Jeffrey Tambor, Gaby Hoffmann, Amy Landecker
iMDB Rating8.1 / 10


It's the day of the talent show, and Sarah has convinced her siblings to attend, which is important for Maura. In the lead up to show, Sarah checks in with Tammy on the renovations for the house, before heading off with Josh to take advantage of the lax regulations to get some "medication" which in turn allows her to get high before the start of the show. Josh has his first date with Raquel, which doesn't go quite according to plan. Raquel, however, plans on making a romantic dinner for the two of them while Josh goes to the show. And Ali, sporting a new look, has a date with Dale, who she brings to the show on the last minute remembrance during the date about the promise to attend the show. The applause that Davina and Maura receive for their performance is bittersweet for Maura, who turns to someone from her past for additional support. Following the show, Josh gets sidetracked by his self-absorption in a certain matter which leaves Raquel waiting for her dinner date.

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Transparent S01E07 The Symbolic Exemplar (26.09.2014)