Criminal Minds

S10E04 The Itch


Criminal Minds S10E04 The Itch (22.10.2014)
Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler
iMDB Rating6.6 / 10


Atlanta PD has invited the BAU in for an equivocal death investigation, that of investigative journalist Albert Stillman, who died being run over late one evening as he wandered into highway traffic. An eyewitness who tried to help Stillman just before he was run over states that he was waving his arms in the air yelling, "get them off me", this depiction which goes against Stillman's history of no mental illness. Reluctantly, Stillman's editor, John Carlson, discloses that Stillman was using heroin as medication for a back problem. Stillman was scheduled to meet with a source on a story concerning vaccinations when he vanished for three days just before he died. Garcia learns that another person associated with the case is a Dr. William Suri, a research scientist of entomology, who is later found dead, shot to death. Upon investigation, the team discovers that both Stillman and Suri were abducted - meaning that they are dealing with a serial killer - and had minute bite and deep ...

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Criminal Minds S10E04 The Itch (22.10.2014)