Mr Selfridge

S03E07 Episode #3.7


Mr Selfridge S03E07 Episode #3.7 (08.03.2015)
Tom Goodman-Hill, Ron Cook, Amanda Abbington
iMDB Rating7.8 / 10


Miss Mardle organizes Doris Grove's funeral, barring Billy, the delivery boy and true father of Doris's son Ernest. Sensing that she is troubled Mr Crabb persuades Miss Mardle to tell Grove the truth about the child's paternity, adding that Doris was run over returning home from taking Ernest to see his father. The news is not well received. George is disturbed to find that Ryan is dealing drugs from Victor's club and quits. His fears are justified when a patron almost dies of an over-dose. Nancy starts to feel guilty about her plan to defraud Harry when he tells her that he has sold large numbers of his shares to finance her project - some of which were bought by Loxley, who now has enough of them to sit on the board of share-holders. Harry is angry, especially with Serge, who sold some of his holdings to Loxley to finance a new business venture but there is good news when Rosalie announces that she is pregnant.

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Mr Selfridge S03E07 Episode #3.7 (08.03.2015)