Criminal Minds

S10E06 If the Shoe Fits


Criminal Minds S10E06 If the Shoe Fits (05.11.2014)
Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler
iMDB Rating6.7 / 10


The BAU is called to Missoula, Montana, where Douglas Clark, a wealthy Caucasian college student, was found murdered in a remote wooded area, stabbed multiple times, and his cell phone stuffed into his mouth. The reason there is a suspicion that this is a BAU case is that a local shopkeeper was killed recently by a college student, whose rich father got him off, hence the possibility that this murder was a revenge killing. En route to Missoula, a second victim is discovered with much the same M.O. Other similarities include the fact that the cell phone alarm was set to midnight, and beyond the stab wounds, there is one wound on each that was made by something else. The revenge killing theory is thrown out as these murders seem more personal in nature. With discovery that Clark was a closet homosexual, the BAU thinks that the murders may have to do with sexual deviance. Evidence from a subsequent victim and JJ figuring out what made the unusual puncture wounds points to the unsub being...

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Criminal Minds S10E06 If the Shoe Fits (05.11.2014)