Criminal Minds

S10E07 Hashtag


Criminal Minds S10E07 Hashtag (12.11.2014)
Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler
iMDB Rating6.6 / 10


Morgan and Savannah can't seem to find time to make what he at least considers meaningful time away, the most recent case disrupting what would have been the start of a vacation. That case, a local one, is the murder of teenager Tara Harris in her home. She had a strong online presence, continually posting her every movement, she with 200,000 Twitter followers. According to a friend, the more provocative the post, including photos, the better. She seemingly was attacked while she was looking at herself in a mirror, she eventually being slashed across the throat with the broken mirror. It is a BAU case since the unsub posted a selfie of Tara's dead body on her Twitter page. There is a subsequent victim, a male killed in his car with a nail gun, with a somewhat similar online presence. The online similarity is heightened with the "#" symbol at the crime scene. The unsub also is able to post photoshopped pictures to others' Twitter pages, stating that they are on the unsub's hit list. A ...

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Criminal Minds S10E07 Hashtag (12.11.2014)