S03E03 Oblivion


Motive S03E03 Oblivion (31.08.2015)
Kristin Lehman, Louis Ferreira, Brendan Penny
iMDB Rating8.1 / 10


The victim: Geoff Armstrong, a civic urban planner and a part-time scuba diving instructor. The killer: Robin Gould, an architect, who works for the high powered firm run by Isaac Griffin, who was up until two days ago also her fiancé as she called off the engagement due to what she told him were their diverging lives. The Homicide detectives, before learning of Geoff's death, have another homicide investigation... Robin's. Her blood splattered car is discovered in a remote area, no body to be found anywhere nearby. In their search for Robin and what they assume is her dead body, they question Isaac, who along with Robin, had been dealing with obtaining a variance from the city for a high profile new building, that process which seemed not to be going well and which Geoff is handling for the city. It is when the detectives check on Isaac's alibi - Geoff - for the time of Robin's disappearance that they learn of Geoff's death from a scuba diving accident. But they will learn that urban...

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Motive S03E03 Oblivion (31.08.2015)