The Americans

S03E02 Baggage


The Americans S03E02 Baggage (04.02.2015)
Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Lev Gorn
iMDB Rating8.2 / 10


A member of the KGB Institute to defect to America and FBI Agent Stan Beeman is in charge of protecting her. An armed Oleg confronts Stan in an alley to answer for Nina. Philip meets with the Afghan chief, Yousef after he and Elizabeth help him to cover up Annalise's murder. Elizabeth and Philip reunite with Gabriel, who senses the new closeness in their marriage and also the tension. Elizabeth confides in Gabriel about her feelings regarding Paige and the Centre/KGB; Paige has definitely shown a decided interest in political causes since she somehow became involved with the church and youth ministry. Nina gets both a Belgian cellmate and an unexpected Russian visitor. Elizabeth is upset about the list of CIA Afghan names lost in her skirmish with Agent Aderholt and Chief Gaad of the FBI. Determined to repossess the CIA Afghan list, she persuaded Philip to order Yousef to call a meeting, causing Philip and Elizabeth to engage in risky surveillance.

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The Americans S03E02 Baggage (04.02.2015)