S02E01 Mark of Cain


Tyrant S02E01 Mark of Cain (16.06.2015)
Adam Rayner, Jennifer Finnigan, Ashraf Barhom
iMDB Rating8.4 / 10


It's four months after the failed coup, and Barry is still behind bars awaiting his fate. While some believe executing him will eliminate him as a problem forever, others believe executing him will only make him a martyr and strengthen the insurgency, those who are demanding his release. The insurgency is also due to Jamal's regime being as repressive as ever. Some in the insurgency are not sure that theirs is a battle that can be won, with Fauzi and Samira on different sides of how best to achieve the Abuddin of which they dream. While the rest of the family is back in the States, Molly remains at the US embassy working on diplomatic options to get Barry released. Through it all, Jamal wants to show the world Abuddin is open for business, he fostering greater ties with the Chinese. He also wants to groom Ahmed to follow in his footsteps, Ahmed who may have thoughts of his own for what he wants his and Nusrat's life to be.

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Tyrant S02E01 Mark of Cain (16.06.2015)