S03E10 Purgatory


Motive S03E10 Purgatory (28.09.2015)
Kristin Lehman, Louis Ferreira, Brendan Penny
iMDB Rating8.3 / 10


The killer: Ashley Kirkwell, the former owner/operator of Purgatory, a strip club which has now been renamed the Blu Lounge. The victim: Dr. Garrison Osgood, a plastic surgeon with his own private clinic in partnership with Dr. Lucy Everhill. When Angie, Brian and Oscar first encounter Dr. Osgood, he is still alive in the clinic, the chief suspect in Dr. Everhill's murder, she on one of the operating room tables slashed to death. However, Dr. Osgood spouts off a cryptic sounding message before he quickly crumples to the floor and dies in front of Angie and Brian's eyes. Despite suspecting that the two business partners were having an affair hence part of the reason they were in the clinic in their evening attire with champagne and a cigar late at night, the doctors' assistant, Paul Murphy, who found Dr. Everhill, tells the detectives that the doctors didn't socialize outside of the office. Dr. Everhill's husband confirms that there was tension between the two doctors of a legal nature...

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Motive S03E10 Purgatory (28.09.2015)