Criminal Minds

S10E18 Rock Creek Park


Criminal Minds S10E18 Rock Creek Park (25.03.2015)
Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler
iMDB Rating6.7 / 10


Approximately twelve hours after she goes missing, the BAU is brought into the probable abduction case of Sophie Troy, the wife of first term Congressman Benjamin Troy, who has many enemies on all sides. The team recommends that the Congressman and his family - his mother Dinah Troy, and his brother Paul Troy who has just been released from rehab and is living with Dinah until he gets back on his feet - come in for protective custody until the case is solved. Organized Crime believes that Sophie's abduction may have been by low level Russian thugs for hire, one of their agents, Dorian Loker, who has surveillance on their hideout. While Reid joins Loker in the surveillance to see if they can find out anything on that end, the rest of the team remains at headquarters where they deal with a ransom request, and conflicting stories from the Congressman and those associated with him. They have to wade through the stories to discover the truth before the ransom demand comes and goes, and ...

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Criminal Minds S10E18 Rock Creek Park (25.03.2015)